Life coaching for women who want to cultivate joy, freedom, and purpose


Are you ready to reclaim your authentic power and truly take responsibility for your life? Are you ready to explore the deepest parts of your unconscious mind to see what has been holding you back from experiencing true freedom? Are you ready to open up to exciting and new possibilities in your life? Are you ready to discover what must enter the world through you now? If you are a smart, successful woman seeking a more passionate and purpose-driven life, Marianne can thoughtfully facilitate this journey. Take a transformative deep dive into your own inner guidance to uncover your unlimited and unexplored true purpose. This path will lead to a life of meaning, self-discovery, vibrant health, and wild inner bliss.

Meet Your Coach

Marianne Vergult, a Certified Jungian Life Coach is a passionate life-long seeker of spirituality, personal growth and healing.

After a fulfilling career in education, she is now ready to fully embrace her passion of leading women to transform on a deep level into their own unique wild inner bliss. 

She is on a mission to raise self-awareness and transform lives. She blends her knowledge of depth psychology, neuroscience and spirituality to help transform women into expressing their true power, essence and joy. She is passionate about living fully and discovering meaning and purpose in this precious gift of life.

Guided Meditations

Start your journey of self-discovery with free, guided meditations led by Marianne.

“Marianne's ability to guide me throught the complexities of my inner world has been a game-changer.”

discover Your Persona

Discover the outer personality archetype that you created to navigate the world. The results can begin to unlock so much about the often unconscious behaviors that can limit many beliefs about who you really are.